Mackenzie Childs Frog Butler Guest Towel


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Product Description

Here on the farm, the rhythmic lullaby of our lily pad philharmonic—the bullfrog bass line, the spring peeper’s twangy strum—is often interrupted by the kerplunk of a splashing soloist, reminding us that no creature embodies irreverent charm quite like the humble frog. Serving up the same juxtaposition of subdued and silly, the Frog Entertaining Collection lets you delight your guests the same way our amphibian ambassadors enchant ours. We weren’t sure that the loudmouthed leapers of our pond were cut out for service, but once we dressed them in bespoke Courtly Check® finery, the lads featured on our Frog Butler Guest Towels found the task of announcing dinner courses quite suited to their bossy baritones.